We believe in the development of a digitally intelligent society

We achieve our mission by providing education to teachers, parents and students for the development of digital skills, with an emphasis on personal, social and spiritual development, and aiming to inform all students and young people in Greece by 2030.

At Cyberno we promote the empowerment of students and young people, foster inclusiveness, provide high quality education, contribute to social development, prepare for the future, promote responsible digital citizenship and foster holistic development.

Our goal is to empower every citizen with digital skills, for the development of an intelligent society

We have been awarded with:
  1. the Bodossaki Foundation’s Social Dynamo Award
  2. the HIGGS Incubator Award
  3. the Career Office Innovation Award – University of Piraeus

Digital Skills

Cyberno provides a comprehensive educational program that empowers teachers, parents and students with the necessary skills and knowledge in the key areas of Digital Literacy, Emotional Resilience, Parental Control and Digital Science to navigate the digital world effectively and responsibly.

Digital Literacy

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Digital Culture


Emotional Resilience

Emotional intelligence

Self-confidence – self-esteem

Parental Control

Internet addiction

O/S settings

Router settings

Game Console Settings Game Console Settings

Social Media Regulations

Digital Science



Computer Science



Social Media Protection Guide

A comprehensive guide to protecting you from social networks risks.

We develop digital skills through training programs by qualified and experienced executives, providing specialized and customized support with the corresponding training material

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