Learning Activities

Digital Skills Academy

  • Our courses include an integrated educational approach that focuses on the key pillars of digital literacy, emotional resilience, parental control and digital science.
  • The Digital Literacy course imparts vital skills for confident digital navigation, including online safety and responsible use of digital tools.
  • The Emotional Resilience course enables participants to enhance emotional intelligence and resilience in both children and parents, promoting stress management, self-confidence and healthy online relationships.
  • The Parental Controls course provides guidance to parents on how to create a safe digital environment for their children, covering topics such as parental control and open communication.
  • The Digital Science course delves into technical aspects, covering coding, cybersecurity and emerging technologies, allowing participants to understand the inner workings of the digital landscape.

Module 1: Κίνδυνοι στα social media


Module 2: Παρενόχληση και Εκφοβισμός


Module 3: Γωνία του Εκπαιδευτικού

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