Our vision is to empower every citizen with digital skills to create an intelligent society

We aim to create digitally gifted children, preparing them for the digital world of the future

Our purpose

Our aim is to develop in all children and young people in Greece the technical, social, and intellectual skills they need to become good users of digital media, to become intelligent digital citizens, to access more opportunities and to function as an integral member of society.
In the context of the above purpose, we seek to set standards in the field of education and policies regarding digital skills and digital intelligence in Greek education. In addition, we support the following goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs):
  • Goal 3 (Health and Well-being)
  • Goal 4 (Quality Education)
  • Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth)
  • Goal 9 (Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure)
  • Goal 10 (Inequality)
  • Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Access to Law)
  • Goal 17 (Cooperation for Cooperation).


Children & Youth

Children and young people in the Greek territory, acquiring the necessary digital skills and digital intelligence for their success in the digital world


Educators and educational organisations that benefit from the educational initiatives and materials we provide to improve digital education


Parents and families who benefit from the guidance and support we provide about the digital world and how to keep children safe

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